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The Thriller Genre: Why We Love to Be Scared

As a thriller author, I am often asked why people enjoy reading and watching thrillers. The answer is simple: we love to be scared. It’s human nature to be drawn to things that excite and challenge us, and the thriller genre does just that.

A Day in the Life of Thriller Author Wendy Owens

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a thriller author looks like? Well, buckle up because we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the routine of USA Today bestselling author, Wendy Owens.

Writing takes patience

Patience is a fundamental element of success.

And one I lacked when I started writing. The pressure to make money when you start out writing can be a daunting one. Often you are leaving a job where you are paid real dollars for the uncertainty of a job writing. Some folks think I write for the sheer love of it, I don’t care about the money. For me, I not only write because I love it but I needed it to be a career. I needed that income for several reasons. I wanted to not only help my family; but also feel that validation of people believe my work was good enough to purchase. The Sacred Guardians Series

Why I wrote Wash Me Away

Sometimes, life just has a way of happening and it isn’t always pleasant. I remember driving with my kids to a store one morning and getting a call from my sister that a friend of ours’ teen had died the night before - all I could do was weep at the very thought of it. Later we discovered that our friend’s child had been struggling with depression; we had no clue. As not only a mother, but just a human being who had missed someones desperate need for help, I felt lost. This led to a story forming in my mind that had to be written more than any other I’d ever written. I tell you this so that you understand my mindset when I wrote Wash Me Away. It was not their child’s exact story, but one I hoped would speak to people perhaps just like him or people who knew someone like him.

Wash Me Away

Why I write Romance books

My Skills at focusing are amaz–SQUIRREL!

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah. Alright, I admit it, my mind often wonders. And as a result, I don’t write in one genre. Trust me; I wish I did. Marketing a lot of books in a single genre is easier and just good business. However, no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to make myself focus on just one. In fact, I am pretty sure with Burning Destiny I created a new genre. Let’s see, Urban Paranormal Fantasy Cyber Punk Sci Fi Dystopian. Yeah, that about covers it.

Thankful for a community

Why Finding a Community Saved Me.

It’s 6 am and a tiny hand is poking me in the cheek, less than gently nudging me into consciousness. I ignored it for a moment but based on the wide awake giggles around me I know my toddler isn’t going away. I sit up, kiss my tiny one on the cheek and get my day started. Three kids equal a busy day of cooking cleaning and running them too and from school. The above-described my life when I began my writing career five years ago. I had few mom friends because honestly, who has time for friends? I was trying to write while juggling family life. Something everyone knows a bit about, I’m sure.

Out with friends

How I Became A Writer

How Did I Get Here?

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a writer or what, but I find it fascinating to hear an author’s journey story. I mean who hasn’t heard J.K. Rowlings story and thought wow, that’s amazing! I can assure you, mine’s not nearly as exciting as her tale, but I thought I would share it with you anyways. Well, I suppose for me it is just as exciting.

Writing a book

15 of the Greatest Books!

The Greatest Books of All Time…

Okay, fine. These aren’t the greatest of all time, but they are some of my favorites. It is my firm belief that with every book I read I become a better author. My vocabulary grows, the way I view ideas shifts, the way I use the english language is influenced. All of these things are important to grow. Luckily I love to read!

Holding a book

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